Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Storm Warning!!

Security researchers Friday warned of a new, massive spam campaign that tries to convince users to install the long-running Storm bot Trojan on their PCs.

This new spam is difficult to characterize since nearly 40 different subject heads are being used by the spammers.

Whatever may be the subject head the spam mail has a link to Porntube.com, a Youtube look alike. Once reaching the site a pop-up message appears requesting that an activex control need to be installed. But the trick is instead of the activex control a variation of Storm Trojan is installed in the Machine.

If you any such mail - Hit the "Del" button,Pronto!

Here is the list of some of the subject heads:

Batman latest movie bombs at box office?
Britney found hanged in locker room?
Celtics disqualified from NBA title?
China Earthquake claims 1 million lives?
Dan Brown's latest novel?
David Cook American Idol - latest NEW single?
"Donald Trump missing, feared kidnapped?"
Egypt Giza pyramids rocked by massive earthquake?
Eiffel Tower damaged by massive earthquake?
"Eiffel Tower suffers structural damage, collapse possible?"
Find out about Harry Potter's last novel?
Ford unveils latest 2 door design hatch?
Get Smart -- movie premiere?
Get star wars photos?
Get the latest discount plan from Ford Cars?
Great Wall of China damaged by earthquake?
Hiliary admits past failures?
Hillary Clinton reveals husband's scandal secrets?
Italy knocked out of Euro 2008?
Las Vegas Hotel caught in fire?
"London rocked by gas attack, army on high alert?"
Love Guru sneak previews here?
Man wakes up from 40 year coma?
Nokia unveils revolutionary new phone design?
Obama suffers setback in polls due to sex secrets?
Obama withdraws from elections?
Oprah found sleeping the streets?
Osama Bin Laden caught finally !?
Paris Hilton found to be gay!?
Saddam Hussein found dead?
Star Trek star dies at age 79?
"Statue of Liberty struck by lightning, catches fire?"
Stonehenge damaged by massive earthquake?
Top 10 movies of all time?
Top comedy downloads?
Top film from the Cannes?
Turner Empire poised for bankruptcy file?
Watch movie premieres now?
"White House hit by lightning, catches fire?"

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