Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What is Services Oriented Storage Solution?

Services Oriented Storage is a strategy that aligns storage resources with business needs. It's an approach that creates a flexible, adaptive storage platform. In the services oriented approach, technologies like storage virtualization and common management tools enable the deployment of Storage Services, such as disaster recovery, data classification, search, and archiving, across a multivendor storage environment. IT can deliver these services whenever and wherever requested, meeting user and application requirements for performance, scalability, availability, data security and affordability.

Why Services Oriented Storage Solutions?

Value Proposition

Services Oriented Storage can help businesses:

* Simplify storage management

* Improve service levels

* Increase storage utilization

* Lower costs

* Scale up and integrate easily, while protecting their investment

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"Being Support Oriented is what keeps you in Business"

IN the current slowdown, the business mantra should be focusing on survival and consolidating company resources. The reason the solution provider industry is hit is because most of the customer purchases is being made through capex,” feels M Venkat, Prime Mover of 22by7, specializing in IT solutions for storage and security.

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