Friday, March 14, 2008

22by7 celebrates Pi Day

Today is International Pi Day! -- and also 22by7's 2nd Birthday!

Pi day is being celebrated throughout the world,specially in Universities & schools.

If you care to look there is an incredible numbers of sites on the web dedicated to Pi.

Here's a sample quote where the word-counts are pi decimals .

How I need a drink, alcoholic in nature, after the heavy lectures involving quantum mechanics.


A great palindrome: “I prefer pi.”

More Pi fun here:

22by7 will be celebrating Pi day with a slew of games & quizzes with Pi as the theme.

We have also scripted a play called "Pi-lay" - a take off on "Sholay".

Where the villain is "Daku Angle Singh" and who shouts "arre o! Lambda" regularly.

Other equivalent characters are :

Thakur T-square

Pi & Zero - Whose strategic weapons to kill Angle Singh are Protractors...

Infinity ( for Basanti) - 'cos she has to dance forever to save Zero's life.....

The village ? - "Pinagaram", obviously inhabited by Piwallon or Pindians...

Well like I keep saying :

We have loads of fun

At Twenty Two by Seven...

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