Thursday, April 17, 2008

Did Chinese hack MEA server for Tibet policy?

THE CHINESE hacked the servers of the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) on Friday (April 11). Highly placed sources in the ministry state that sources of hacking were clearly linked to China.
Were the hackers trying to sniff into the Tibet policy related data in the MEA servers? Without disturbing anything they quietly came and left. What were the hackers looking for?  
The Chinese hackers cracked the security code of a computer network in Beijing. The saving grace, according to MEA sources, was that the hacker(s) could not get any classified information. Thus, no valuable data were stolen.
Initially, the government was not forthright with mentioning the name of China into the Friday hacking. There were oblique hints. India's soft attitude towards China should be shed and the government should call spade a spade.
Sample a GoI communiqué that states it's not only China that is trying to hack into the MEA server from around the world. In fact, hackers from all over the world, including those in UK and the US constantly try to break in and filch sensitive information. 
It was further stated that each official has in MEA has a backup computer. All sensitive material is in the offline computer.
 by   Aniruddha Roy   11 April 2008, Friday

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