Friday, July 25, 2008

PC LCM----> Your Virtual Assistant…

Are you a Sys Admin perplexed and tired of running around maintaining your systems…
Are you worried that the right patches have not been downloaded and installed….
Are you not aware of which licenses are about to expire and when?

Do not Despair… Just adopt a PC Life Cycle Management Solution and put all your fears to rest… Relax and Relish your work…

Properly managing an IT environment requires expertise and often takes significant amounts of time and effort. System administrators are responsible for providing their organizations with access to critical applications and services while ensuring that systems perform optimally and remain secure. Unfortunately, keeping pace with the frequency of changes in an IT environment of any size can be a daunting task. The problem is often more pronounced in midsize organizations, where system administrators are forced to juggle many responsibilities.

Issues such as deployment, monitoring, and updating computers can have a significant impact on organizations’ budgets (not to mention system administrators’ blood pressure).

While it might be possible to complete some tasks manually, the number of devices and applications that must be managed can quickly become overwhelming. Add in priorities unrelated to desktop lifecycle management, and help is sure to be welcome. The best solution for managing IT environments that are increasing in size and complexity is through automation.

It is here that PC Life Cycle Management Solutions step in and help you mitigate all the associated complications.

A typical PC Life Cycle Management Solution will do the following for you:

• Sophisticated MSI packaging
• Unattended remote client resets
• Comprehensive inventory-based distribution
• Global scheduling of jobs and executing them
• Intelligent multicast replication
• Complete system repair

• Drag and drop configuration management
• Backup/restore of user personality and locally saved data from a single PC
• Centralized reporting functions
• Native integration with the Directory services.
• Patch management to distribute patches and virus updates
• Bandwidth throttling
• Mandatory (push) and software request (pull) distribution
• Wake on LAN
• OS deployment
• A single Management console to manage all your devices
• Security Management
• Define process workflows to dynamically manage the devices on the network right from purchase to retirement

How does my organization and I benefit if we opt for a PC LCM?
• Reduces I.T. Labour and Asset ownership costs
• Adherence to both internal and external compliance standards.
• Consistent User Experience
• Centralized and Single Management Console reduces the strain on the Sys Admin
• Know what you have in your network and where in a jiffy.
• Up to date and current information about the health of your devices allows you to undertake preventive measures.
• Streamline the existing process and ensure that there is a common policy to handle unforeseen circumstances.
• Automatically update, deploy and manage the software on the clients.

1. : White paper on PC Life Cycle Management

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