Monday, August 18, 2008

Increase Productivity.... Implement a SSL VPN

What is a SSL-VPN?

SSL-VPN stands for Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network. It is a term used to refer to any device that is capable of creating a semi permanent encrypted tunnel over the public network between two private machines or networks to pass non-protocol specific, or arbitrary traffic. This tunnel can carry all forms of traffic between these two machines meaning it is encrypting on a link basis, not on a per application basis.

It is a mechanism provided to communicate securely between two points with an insecure network in between them.

Benefits of using SSL VPN:

· Improves work force productivity since Employees and contractors can perform tasks even when not physically present in their usual work facilities.

· Easy deployment since it does not require any special client software to be installed.

· Provides more security options.

· Improved manageability due to highly configurable access control capabilities, health checks etc.

· Lowers costs because of the Increased self-service capabilities for conducting business with outside parties such as suppliers and customers. Employees can work remotely on a regular basis (e.g., IT consulting) thereby allowing the organization to maintain less office space (and save money).

· Increased self-service capabilities for suppliers improve their efficiency, yielding better-negotiated service/product rates.

· If remote access is used as part of business-continuity strategy, fewer seats may be necessary at disaster-recovery/business-continuity facilities than if all workers must work at the secondary site.


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