Friday, April 3, 2009

"The Unified Move"- Embracing a unified approach with UTM

Below is an excerpt from the article " The Unified Move - The security market is increasingly embracing an integrated approach with UTM" by Shanteri Mallaya appearing in the Security Feature section of ChannelWorld.
Enterprises in India are showing willingness to leverage technology at their disposal to protect their most vital corporate assets from external and internal trouble. As a result, IT security has become and will continue to remain de facto. The challenge lies in using the right security component in warding off threats, filtering content, and keeping organizations safe. As companies are in pursuit of the panacea to their security requirements, there is a tilt towards looking at a holistic, cost-effective, durable solution instead of a makeshift approach.
Agrees Venkata Ramana Murthy, prime Mover at 22by7, "the individual, niche component of UtM functionality — say a component filtering mechanism may not necessarily be superior in performance to that of a niche vendor." Nevertheless, the channels are fairly receptive to the UtM idea. This is an emerging technology that throws up new business opportunities for them at a time when conventional technologies are not getting them sufficient margins or giving cross-selling opportunities anymore.

Mr. Murthy of 22by7 adds, "UtM is a successful single point alternative that i can pro-pose to customers."

Venkata Ramana Murthy of 22by7 concludes, “Globally, there is a trend towards the virtual machine, so all security standards have to evolve towards this. Businesses providing security solutions have to look at this seriously and evolve best of breed solutions."
For the full article, please read the issue of ChannelWorld dated Feb 15 2009.

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